The Baby Bump Workout (pregnancy pilates) is a series of 18 prenatal pilates videos designed around each trimester of your pregnancy.  Each workout is twenty to thirty minutes and requires a light physical exertion level.  With your purchase of a subscription to our web-site, you receive twelve months of access to the videos, to view any time you want on any web-enabled viewing device such as a computer, smart phone or TV.  There is also a post-natal workout included in the series.  Do the easy to follow exercises in the comfort of your home or office.

As a signed-in member, you will also have unlimited access to pregnancy related information and content located throughout the site, such as healthy recipes, nutritional tips and member blogs, all designed to enhance your pregnancy experience.  By doing the prenatal exercises with Kristy, who is also pregnant with her own second child along the way, we are confident you too will achieve pelvic floor toning, neutral spine, proper breathing, oblique strengthening and minimize your back pain.

Thanks for viewing and we look forward to having having you as a member of the Baby Bump Workout family.

Kristy Shields

Client Testimonial

When I came across Kristy’s prenatal workout series, I was pregnant with my third child.  I could tell my third pregnancy was going to be harder on my body than my previous two.  I think age was just starting to show its way with me.  My back and legs were hurting and I was tiring more quickly throughout the day than I did with my prior pregnancies.  Using Kristy’s prenatal workouts, after two weeks I felt my body begin to change.  Over the course of my pregnancy, my body toned and I ended up feeling more prepared for labor and delivery than ever before.  I was so happy with the result that when my husband asked a year later if we could have our fourth, I replied, “only if I can have the Baby Bump Workout again !!!”

 Thank you again Kristy for all your insight, help and inspiration.

Carin W. in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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